Financial Modeling

This service is geared to any developer, builder or investor in residential or commercial real estate. The financial modeling will provide all the data required to help secure financing as well as structure partnerships. The final model will include all the standard ratios from debt service coverage, cash-on cash return, break even occupancy, before and after tax IRR and NPV, calculation of projected capital gains and recapture taxes based on detailed cash flow projections and budgets. These financial models are a great tool for both seasoned developers and new investors.

Affordable Housing Consulting Services

These services are geared to developers desiring to either incorporate an affordable housing component in their development or develop new affordable communities or rehabilitate existing facilities with an affordable and/or supportive housing component. These services include all the required analyses regarding 4% and 9% low income housing tax credits and other analyses required to present to both syndicators, financial institutions and governmental entities. Services will also include assistance with grant applications that may be available at the local, state or federal level.

Highest and Best Use and CMAs

These services are geared to brokers as well as property owners and managers looking to analyze the full potential of their properties so as to create value and be a tool in the marketing of the property. The services will include a review of possible uses for the property as well as its development potential. The CMA (competitive market analysis) services will provide a quick comparative analysis based on the latest data available. These services will also include a review of government programs that may be available to owners in the re-positioning of the property. These services are a valuable tool in the re-financing of properties or the disposition of estates.

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